Preparations We’ve Made for You to Keep You Safe During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Spread

The coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, is impacting everyone from our families, to our businesses, to our first responders who are bravely on the front lines. We sincerely hope that you, your family, your employees and their families are healthy and happy and will not be directly impacted by the highly contagious coronavirus during this period. Although precautions are necessary to prevent the entry and spread of COVID-19 into communities, we hope that you will join us in stigmatizing individuals who may have been exposed to the virus. We will continue to offer a welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and supportive environment for current and potential clients. In our tax and accounting office, we have taken serious precautions to fight the spread of this disease, and we wanted to let you know your health and safety is of paramount importance to us.

Virtual Services

We know that, for many customers, this time has meant even more disruption to your businesses, with extreme swings in customer demand and stress on certain channels. We understand the importance of keeping your systems up-and-running as well as having access to your business financials during this time.

Our firm was built on the premise of virtual financial services. Therefore, for people who prefer to restrict their social activity, we understand and have been and are ready to serve you virtually through our cloud tools. Our team is fully equipped to handle your entire tax and accounting services, from start to finish, through a series of online virtual tools.

We can handle your initial inquiries via phone, email and videoconferences. We have easy-to-use video-conferencing software if you prefer to see us face-to-face via our webcams. You can upload your documents securely and safely to a client portal and secure email tools. We can deliver your documents in the same way, where you download it from the client portal or access it via secure, encrypted email.

All software applications are easy to use, and we can help you learn them.

Please note that if a quarantine goes into effect in our area, our virtual service business model will come in handy for all of us.

Meeting You at a Preferred Location

For people who still want to meet, we can accommodate that too. We practice elbow-bumping instead of handshaking, and we have plenty of hand sanitizer to go around.

We do ask that if you are symptomatic with any flu symptoms, please re-schedule your appointment with us or let us help you virtually.  Our goal is to not only protect our clients, but also to keep our employees safe, who are currently working round-the-clock to meet tight deadlines and to serve you.

Visiting Your Office

When we perform work at your office, please do not be offended if we wear a mask, use a lot of hand sanitizer, and/or practice elbow-bumping instead of handshaking.

We do ask that if any of your workers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 that you notify us so that we can make an informed decision about re-scheduling our session or converting it to a remote session.

 Our Staff Safety

This busy season, more of our staff will be working remotely in their own homes. This will be done to protect our staff, their families, and our business. We have identified essential business functions, essential jobs or roles, and critical elements within our supply chains (e.g., raw materials, suppliers, subcontractor services/products, and logistics) required to maintain business operations. Additionally, we have planned for how our business will operate if there is increased absenteeism or supply chains are interrupted.

Deadlines and Extensions

So far, the IRS has not extended the tax filing deadline of April 15, 2020. It will be business as usual for getting all tax filings done by April 15, 2020. However, tax payments have been extended to July 15, 2020.

We are working as hard as we can to get your financial and return information processed and filed for you. Please understand that if our office or community experiences significant disruptions due to this virus, we may be extending more returns than normal this year.

Healthy and Safe

We wish you and your family a healthy and safe spring, and we’re grateful for your continued business.  Please reach out any time if you have questions or need help.